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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Music,Fun & Games,Dancing Contests,Silly Magic Show, storytelling & Balloon Twisting
( Featuring 3 of my puppets, your choice)
N J will have his wacky music playing for 15 minutes before show to meet and greet the children and to have pictures taken with a puppet. The children will gather in a selected room for the fun and games and prizes (your selection of those listed) such as Hot potato, Big Foot Relay, swat the balloon, hang ups, dance contest, ect.
At this time the children are ready for a snack at the party table you set up, marched over by my assistant Eric to the 'freeze game', thats for a few minutes while we can sing a few childrens songs...while NJ plays some background music and sets up for the second part of the show...
Its now time to sit the children down and do a warm up to get the children into the mood for the magic show (Have no fear, N J had children of his own and knows that they can't sit too long in one place)
To make the party extra special he will choose a few children to assist him, but gives the special treatment to the birthday boy/girl and the silly magic, wearing a magic hat and vest (if your child is ultra shy he will not be forced to help, but will give him/her that special attention)All assistants will receive a certificate. The birthday child will receive extra special attention.
When the magic show is over:
N J will introduce the children to one of the puppets and do some riddles, tongue twisters or a twisted wacky fairytale (like Goldilocks and the three chickens)
And Finally
N J will make some balloonie toons for the kids or have them already made and Eric will hand them out.
Marching the kids back to the birthday party table for the cake:
Mom or Dad can light the Candles on the Cake: NJ, Eric and all the children sing the " Happy Birthday Song " We then thank the children and close up shop and say our good byes.

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