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Friday, April 15, 2011


Jay most all of my balloon twisting is geared toward children or women and children as that's where the market is in my opinion. I give most of my balloons a name such as "Penelope the pretty puple poodle puppy" say that fast 3 times. I usually like to add on what I call the extra balloon or EB. giving a puppy dog sunglasses etc. Call him an air-dale, a musician (yea, he's a pianist, the pianist dog i ever had! The main thing when twisting is to have fun, be energetic, many times I twist on my knees where I am at their eye level. I also, like to make alot of my balloons magical. that is done by squeezing a balloon, or blowing through the poodles mouth (after it is tied and twisted and making bubbles appear on their tail or where ever I need and extra bubble. A heart shaped balloon must never in my opinion be shown as a heart. I blow it up half way to where it looks round and show it round, then I put my finger in the middle of the balloon and then blow Voila! It magically turns into a heart shape, doing it that way never fails to get a reaction. Hope some of this helps. Have a ballooniful day! Brian Thank you Brian for adding to my Web/Blog its got a lot of infomation and silly stuff.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There aren't enough of these types of movies being shown, these days. But finally I got an opportunity, last year at the Vent Have Convention to view it. What a great opportunity it was. If you wish to see some of the greats of yesteryear, they are available on youtube. From the likes of Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Shari Lewis to name just a few. If you remeber those vents, you so dearly loved, growing up, then go to the wayback machine known as youtube, enter that persons name and presto like magic, there they are once again, just like they were so many years ago. Today we have the like of Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham, Dan Horn who I have the priledge of calling friends. Terry and Dan are both in the Movie DUMBSTRUCK. At present the movie is only going to be shown in selected theaters in selected markets. I would think, the reason for this is these markets have the largest non mainstreamaudiences in the country. Hoping that it does well in these theaters. In any case if the movie fails in the theaters, it can then be put onto DVD. This saves the producers of the movie lots of money. Not that its cheap to produce DVDs, its not, they could and would cost the producers about 4-5 thousand dollars each. So let me tell you after viewing the movie, if your a fan of ventriloquism this movie is a must see. Its got some people familiar to many and some not known at all, it tells of the trials and tribulations of being a ventriloquist. Why they have chosen this form of entertaining Now I am hoping that the same thing is being thought of for Magic..Storytellers.Balloon Twisters or just the world of stand up entertainers.