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Friday, April 15, 2011


Jay most all of my balloon twisting is geared toward children or women and children as that's where the market is in my opinion. I give most of my balloons a name such as "Penelope the pretty puple poodle puppy" say that fast 3 times. I usually like to add on what I call the extra balloon or EB. giving a puppy dog sunglasses etc. Call him an air-dale, a musician (yea, he's a pianist, the pianist dog i ever had! The main thing when twisting is to have fun, be energetic, many times I twist on my knees where I am at their eye level. I also, like to make alot of my balloons magical. that is done by squeezing a balloon, or blowing through the poodles mouth (after it is tied and twisted and making bubbles appear on their tail or where ever I need and extra bubble. A heart shaped balloon must never in my opinion be shown as a heart. I blow it up half way to where it looks round and show it round, then I put my finger in the middle of the balloon and then blow Voila! It magically turns into a heart shape, doing it that way never fails to get a reaction. Hope some of this helps. Have a ballooniful day! Brian Thank you Brian for adding to my Web/Blog its got a lot of infomation and silly stuff.


  1. I've been an Elvis tribute artist since 1998. I've always been interested I vent. So I started playing around with dummies late 2010. Jay is a great friend and gives great advice.

  2. Thank you Jimmy for posting and welcome to the Wacky World Of Fun

  3. For clown/ventriloquist stuff in the field of Christianity go to Ribbons the clown/ventriloquist site: